What BDSM Taught Me About Business

The world according to Evil Coach


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Though, first:

A brief but extremely important reminder…

Before we start:

A quick (safe)word:

If talk of cheese graters and growth edges has you feeling apprehensive, don’t worry. That’s as outré as we’re getting here.

Evil Coach is not going to regale you with cringe-inducing stories or prurient anecdotes, because that’s not what this is about. (In fact, BDSM really isn’t about sex at all any more than business is about money. More on that in a bit.)

Above all, Evil Coach is not here to make you uncomfortable.

This is a safe space. We’re going to be talking concepts, and more specifically about business. Remember, BDSM just happens to be the lens through which we’re thinking about it.

Now, you’re tracking this far about plans and their importance, right? That was the whole point of page one, you can’t grow your business if you don’t have a clear plan that allows you to focus on your desired outcome.

It’s this:

It’s not about the fantasy.

Which I realise may seem odd after all we’ve talked about. 

Thing is, there are loads of people who really like talking the talk when it comes to BDSM, but don’t have the patience or maturity to walk the walk.

Same goes for business. 

But the unfortunate news is, fantasizing about a scene doesn’t actually count as doing one, any more than thinking about what you might do in your business counts as strategy. (After all, shimmying into your latex outfit and popping the handcuffs on yourself is a bit sad… just like having a strategy you don’t implement.)

You’ve got to get some skin in the game.

And you need to do it with someone you can trust.

You can wish and hope and dream about a different business for years. Most people do. And there’s a whole industry of people who will happily sell you their cookie-cutter business “strategy” packages that have nothing whatsoever to do with your business goals.

They’ll take your money, watch you hit the wall again and again, and just move on to their next big launch, because results are only required for their next sets of unlikely testimonials. 

But you’re ready for something different.

You’re ready to take that step into this new world, expand your horizons, and strategize about your business in an intelligent, effective, and responsible way.

You know what you want.

And Evil Coach can get you there … if you’re ready to consent.

So when Evil Coach comes to you with the keys

to the dungeon… be ready to take them.

PS: If you’d prefer not to get tied up straight away, that’s of course fine too.

Feel free to lurk around the edges of the Evil World for a while,

you’re more than welcome.

Evil Coach knows you like to watch.


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